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with real-time expiration date on e-commerce and marketplaces

Have more efficiency on your operations and transparency to your customers

About our vision, mission and values

Our vision is to standardize the quality of perishable products sold online.

With the mission to explore the connection between supply and demand to combat waste and hunger.

Seeking values ​​in reacting in a good way, ambidexterity, humility to learn by doing, resilience, trust, boldness and research.

Your business

Have a complete space in your hands with the identity of your business.

Have visibility

Connect with platforms like IFood (soon others) and reach even more customers for your business.

Create fans

Build customer loyalty with a set of event tools, cashback and your own discount coupons.

Gain confidence

Show your customer how much you care about the quality of your products by showing their expiration date in real time.


With an intelligent pricing tool, the products are repositioned and gradual discounts are applied for you to sell a product that could expire.


Do you know all the work of dealing with shopping list and organizing spreadsheets? We do it for you!

You are in control of your sales


Keep track of your sales in one place

In addition to everything already shown, you will also have access to an online and offline Banking and payment system, and with one of the lowest rates on the market!

Also receive sales from multiple channels on the panel and don't get lost in your company's accounts anymore!

Banking is to make your sales even easier (PIX, Card or transfer) and financial control by centralizing everything in one place.

Turbocharge your business

Create personalized promotions and events on commemorative dates, highlight products and don't miss an opportunity, just a few clicks away!

Make your customer special and Fidelize with your own coupon and cashback system.

Gain confidence by showing in real time the expiration date of the product your customer is buying.

Be featured

Don't just connect with platforms like Ifood, but stand out on them!

Be a unique business using all the competitive advantages you have on your own website by showing the expiration date in real time of your products, repositioning items and saving time with order automations.

Stop losing and earn more

With an intelligent pricing tool, you define the rules of your business and automatically have the price of your products change as it expires, with full transparency to your customers.

With this, eliminate waste and loss of inventory due to expiration!

And you won't be alone

Our team will accompany you throughout the process until your first sales.

Have a personalized and humanized support to guarantee the success of your company.

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A set of features designed
to modernize your business

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We list all the features below
developed with the focus on delivering
high efficiency and transparency to your business.

Your own sales website

Automatic order manager

Notifications of notices and promotions

Customization of categories for events

Stock management

Expiration date in real time module

Smart pricing

Automatic shopping list

Integration with Ifood (soon other platforms)

Financial management

Autonomous stock

GS1 Solution Partner

The NetConv platform follows GS1 Standards, and recognizes them as attributes on its internal engine.

GS1 standards, services and solutions are designed to improve the efficiency, security and visibility of supply chains in physical and virtual channels and in the most different sectors of the economy. These standards form a business language that identifies, captures, and shares important information about products, locations, assets, and more.